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Let us help you off-load those unwanted items at the same time as you sell you house!

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Are you a REALTOR®?

Also For Sale streamlines the sales and management of unwanted furniture and items from your sellers homes. Giving your sellers peace of mind helping them prepare for their move - and extra $ in their pockets!

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Also For Sale is a trusted and comprehensive online platform that connects home sellers with buyers, making the process of selling unwanted furniture and items effortless and efficient. Whether you're an individual seller, buyer or REALTOR®, our user-friendly platform provides a seamless and convenient experience to list and sell your items with ease.

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M. Slaiger, homeowner

After our last kid graduated college my wife and I decided to downsize. The prospect of moving or getting rid of all of the furniture we did not want to take with us was daunting. So glad our agent told us about Also For Sale. It only took me 5 minutes to take picture of each of the items we didn't want and assign a price to them. Then with one click our store went live, we shared it on social media as did our agent. Several items were sold to friends of friends and once our house went under contract our agent shared the store with the buyer who purchased 5 additional items. Highly recommend!

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    Giving your sellers peace of mind - and extra $ in their pockets!

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    Let us help you off-load those unwanted items at the same time as you sell your house!

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